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Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy era

Get Full Hues File here: Servuo.com or uoquest.com it is the same file.

* UOMobile Compatible see settings below.

*Connect using uoquest.com port:2593

*2 Accounts per IP

* 24x24 and 32x32 houses available on House Placement Tool

*700 Skill Cap, 225 Stat Cap

*Quick Start every first character per account gets Skill and Stat Ball

*Random Deco drops everywhere

*Gargoyle Gear wearable by Humans and Elves

*5 Custom Ores, 5 Custom Woods, 7 Custom Leathers, all based on 120 skill cap.

*Dont forget to visit the Luna Vendor Stone

*Master of The Arts Champ

*Two new BoD's have been added. Carpentry & Fletcher

*Master Storage System

*Token System and much more.

The most important rule is to be polite and respectful, if you fail this rule, you will be banned.

UOMObile settings